One Cherry - Reinventing Second-Hand Shopping. Launching in Edinburgh in Summer 2018.
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Second-Hand Shopping Reinvented

Coming to Edinburgh in Summer 2018

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Looking for second-hand bargains but can't be bothered to go digging through piles of wrong sized clothes all around the city?
We couldn't either! One Cherry lets you browse items and sizes from all local second-hand shops, such as charity shops, without leaving your flat!

How it works

Go to One Cherry

One Cherry is available in your browser on any device.


Explore items from local second-hand shops, such as charity shops.

Buy and collect

Pay in-app and pick up your item later.


Second-hand in your hands

See what items and sizes there are in your local second-hand shops. Then pay in-app and collect.

Smart notifications

Looking for a particular item? We will notify you as soon as a matching item is donated to any charity shop within your reach!

Instant refunds

Inspect and try your item upon collection. If you don't like it, you'll get an instant refund! No questions asked.

City of Edinburgh

Launching in Edinburgh in Summer 2018.

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Supported by
  • Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation
  • Climate KIC
  • Luanch.ED
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • New Entrepreneurs Foundation
  • The Environment Now