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Your pocket charity shop.

Looking for charity shop bargains but can't be bothered to go digging through piles of wrong sized clothes all around the city?
We couldn’t either! One Cherry lets you browse items and sizes from all local charity shops without leaving your flat!
Following our first successful launch in Edinburgh in Dec 2017 we are now implementing all your feedback to make a BIG relaunch in Feb 2018!
Join our journey. Join the charity shop revolution!

How it works?

1. Set your goal

Imagine that perfect velvet jacket you always wanted.

2. Get One Cherry

The app lets you search, filter or browse existing categories.

3. Save time

We tell you what sizes are available and where exactly items are located.

4. Pick up :)

You can either pay in-app and collect or reserve the item and pay later.


Pocket charity shop

See what items and sizes there are in your local charity shop. Then either pay in-app and collect or reserve and try it before you buy it.

Smart notifications

Looking for a particular item? We will notify you as soon as a matching item is donated to any charity shop within your reach!

Track your impact

See the positive impact of your purchases on charities, local community and our planet, and share your achievements with your friends.

City of Edinburgh

Launching in Edinburgh in February 2018.

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Supported by
  • Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation
  • Climate KIC
  • Luanch.ED
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • New Entrepreneurs Foundation
  • The Environment Now